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Top 15 Trends you should Expect for The Restaurant Industry in 2020

Here are the Top 15 trends you for the restaurant industry in 2020:

top 15 trends
Top 15 Trends you should Expect for The Restaurant Industry in 2020
  1. Restaurant owners and operators creating or adding more veggie-based and vegan dishes to appease their guests
  2. Guests seeking more meat alternatives for their dining experiences
  3. Asian-infused desserts to be added to menus
  4. Injection of CBD ingredients into beverages, snacks and main menu items
  5. As guests look to reduce or eliminate sugar from their diet, restaurant owners and operators are looking for ways to deliver an alternative sweet taste by finding ingredients that create sweetness while boosting functional health characteristics
  6. Guests will be moving away from hard alcohol, as they seek either non-alcoholic cocktails or significantly lower-level alcoholic volume
  7. Guests will seek simplicity and transparency in menu items, with focus on healthier dishes
  8. The fast-casual segment of the restaurant industry will rapidly continue to increase in popularity and frequency
  9. Influenced by the Millennials, food deliveries from all segments of the restaurant industry will reach the highest level in its history
  10. Automation and robotics will play a significantly productive role across the board in general, and in the full service segment of the restaurant industry in general
  11. Hiring and maintaining quality team members and managers will present the restaurant industry with its toughest challenge
  12. The self-service kiosks (non-traditional locations) will be popping up at an extremely fast pace
  13. (LRM) Local Restaurant Marketing activities and (LTO) Limited Time Offer flyer and coupons with increase in frequency and use
  14. As in food deliveries, influenced by millennials, the online ordering will experience the highest traffic and repeat business in its history
  15. Another trend that is influenced by millennials, the dining experience will be the critical key in making a restaurant a destination location

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