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Top 13 Trends You should expect for the Retail Industry in 2020

Top 13 Trends You should expect for the Retail Industry in 2020
Top 13 Trends You should expect for the Retail Industry in 2020

Here are the Top 13 Trends for the Retail Industry in 2020

  1. Customers will seek to buy significantly more in bulk in all segments of the retail industry, particularly groceries, household items, beauty supplies and accessories, driven by value-conscious millennials
  2. An increasing number of retailers will seek to experiment in rentals, targeting customers who are always interested in new fashions and trends
  3. Retailers will heavily focus on supply chains and make investing in supply chain a targeted objective which will give them an edge to come up on top
  4. Sustainability is more than just good marketing, so it will remain the biggest challenge in the retail industry, as retailers come to realize that shifting to more sustainable practices is a move the retail industry needs and customers seek
  5. Health and wellness will be a substantial part of the retail industry’s business model
  6. Personalization in the retail industry will continue to be a challenge, as it hasn’t met the customers full expectations
  7. Technology, robotics and artificial intelligence will play a Significant role in the engagement of customers and the success of the retail industry
  8. Data exploitation will attain solid change in the way business is done in the retail industry
  9. In 2019, the electronics and apparel retailers dealt with the disruption in their industries. In 2020, the food retail and luxury segments will be the next disruption challenge
  10. The design and implementation of dynamic planograms will solely depend on the individual retail store needs and trends
  11. Consumer services will be based inside the physical retail store, such as Kohl’s packaging and returning Amazon orders on location
  12. Dynamic pricing will be projected and executed, based on accurate demand forecasting
  13. Immersive shopping experience using image recognition by providing a store-like e-commerce experience

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