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12 Principles You Must Master To Become A Successful Strategic Thinker

1. Objective

Know what you want and what you need to achieve, and then set specific clear goals and objectives to meet and possibly exceed your expectations. Decide exactly what it is you want and need, write it down in front of you [right side of brain], make a plan, and then work hard on executing your plan every single day, never losing sight of your desired goals and objectives.

2. Offensive

Do whatever it takes legally and ethically to gain a sense of control, consistency and stability in your life. Napoleon once said, “No great battles are ever won on the defensive!” You have to be proactive, tactical and aggressive as well as have a sense of decorum, a sense of direction, vision, determination and focus when you are in control of your life. You feel out of control, lagging off and somewhat lackadaisical and complacent when someone or something else controls your life.

3. Simplicity

Put first things first by preparing and laying out specific, clear and uncomplicated plans. Continually look for ways to reduce the number of things that you are doing through direction and delegation.

Concentrate all your time, attention and energies on doing just those things that will make the greatest and most positive contribution to your life, your goals and your objectives.

4. Mass

Keep your focus narrow and deep as you concentrate your powers on the one or two critical things that contribute the most to your development, success and growth. You cannot do everything at once and you cannot be everywhere at the same time. You need to focus and concentrate all your energies on the one or two vital things that give you the decisive winning edge.

5. Unity Of Command

Lead from the front, with one individual who is responsible for the activities and functions of the group or team. Remember that you are in charge of your life and your future. Take charge and seize the initiative and always be decisive. Your life is shaped by the decisions and choices you make and not the circumstances. Learn from your decisions and choices, accept feedback and constructive criticism gracefully, practice humility and do surgery on your belief window as you self-correct.

6. Concerted Action

Leverage your strength to unify and bring all elements of your forces together to achieve your aims and meet and exceed your goals and objectives. Associate with successful, assertive, optimistic, talented and positive people. Don’t hang around turkeys if you wish to fly with the eagles. Always look for ways and means to help, assist and serve others to achieve their goals and objectives. That way, they will be more open and receptive to helping you achieve your own goals and objectives.

7. Intelligence

Learn all you can to excel and succeed against tough competition, challenges, roadblocks and barriers. Your ability to continually upgrade your information, knowledge and skills is critical to your success, development and growth and detrimental in helping you manage and facilitate change for yourself as well as others. One piece of information at the right time can enable you to leapfrog ahead of your competition and make a breakthrough in your environment, workplace and circle of influence. Intelligence is at its peak performance when knowledge is consistently acquired and information is constantly updated and received.

8. Maneuver

Be fast on your feet in today’s rapidly changing, evolving and growing business world. The 21st century belongs to whoever makes the first right step. Be dating, be different, and be first! Look for ways to do things differently, creatively, effectively and efficiently, to come at your problems, challenges, bottlenecks, roadblocks, issues and opportunities from a different angle and creative perspective that the average person. Be willing to consider and accept that you could be completely wrong in your most cherished and etched assumptions.

9. Economy

Minimize your costs to achieve the highest level of rewards at the lowest personal cost in time, energy and money. Organize, plan, prepare and execute your activities so that you achieve more of the things you want and need at a lower cost in terms of money, time and energy.

10. Security

Conserve your resources to fulfill your full potential and become everything that you are capable of being. The best and most successful leaders are the ones who take nothing and no one for granted. No matter how successful they are, they never stop watching and taking the necessary steps to guard against a reversal from an unexpected direction, as they steadily and constantly move their lives and businesses forward and upward.

11. Surprise

Do the unexpected with faster, newer, easier and more creative ways to achieve the same goal and objective. Remember, if it works, it still may quickly become obsolete! Your ability to be creative and innovative, to serve your guests better, more efficiently and accurately, to serve and support your direct reports readily and willingly, is the real key to your breaking through all the barriers and roadblocks of success, stability and growth in your life, company or circle of influence.

12. Exploitation

Fulfill your potential by deciding what you want and need, from a personal and professional perspective, and then launch your energies toward it fully and wholeheartedly. Make an uncompromising commitment today and now that you are going to be the best you can possibly be, need to be and want to be. Always remember to follow up and follow through as you frequently, expectedly and unexpectedly inspect what you expect.

Side Bar Note:

Take a principle or two and incorporate them in your daily life, regularly and consistently. Be disciplined and stay focused – and apply those principles effectively and diligently. And then, watch and enjoy how your life is transformed to help you discover new horizons, set further boundaries, reach new heights and attain inner peace!

Happy Sailing, Grasshoppers! 😊

Chris Abbey

For more resources and information, check out “The Center for Simplified Strategic Planning” @ https://www.cssp.com/cd0808b/criticalstrategicthinkingskills/

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