1968 S. Coast Highway, Ste 525, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Team 1
Chris Abbey
President | Chief Consultant

Chris has almost 4 decades of experience in the Restaurant, Hotel and Retail Industries…

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Team 2
Elias Yanni
VP | Information Systems

… talented, successful, tenured, dedicated and motivated professional..

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Team 3
Amir Amiralaie
VP | Operations Management

Amir has devoted his life to the restaurant industry since the 80’s. He occupied positions in in varying roles from General Manager and Multi-Unit Leader….

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Team 4
Anthony Patrick
VP | Corporate General Counsel

Expert in commercial law and compliance with corporate laws and regulations…

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Team 5
Sara-Louise Devante
VP | Human Resources

Sara-Louise has over 3 decades of exemplary experience in Human Resources and People Leadership, from manager to executive level.

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We are determined to do whatever it takes to improve our clients’ business from all aspects and through all its entities, as we strive to build, maintain, grow and nurture positive partnerships and relationships with our clients, in order to meet and possibly exceed their expectations, retain their business and attain total client satisfaction.
Team 6
Phil Scotts
Consultant | Full Service Restaurants
Team 7
Millie-Anne Larins
Consultant | Full Service Restaurants
Team 8
Fran Sanchez
Consultant | Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants
Team 9
Jon-Dean Puckett
Consultant | Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants
Team 10
Nora-Jean Williams
Consultant | Full Service Hotels
Team 11
Alexander Korant
Consultant | Express Service Hotels
Team 12
William Reed
Consultant | Retail Shops
Team 13
Ellen Finch
Office Manager | Executive Assistant