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4 Stages You Must Master To Do Surgery On Your Belief Window

4 Stages You Must Master To Do Surgery On Your Belief Window
4 Stages You Must Master To Do Surgery On Your Belief Window

A belief structure is simply a thought that gets repeated over and over again until you believe it. It then becomes a part of your identity, and sometimes it is even a formative piece of your identity if it is implanted early enough. The great news is that you do not need to keep any beliefs that are not helping you.

There is a four-stage process that will enable you to get rid of them:

  1. Desire

The first stage in changing a belief is having the desire to do so. It is as simple as that. You must have the deepest interest in making this change and be fundamentally committed to wanting it.

This burning desire often emerges once someone gets fed up with life and just throws up their hands, either literally or metaphorically, while exclaiming, “Right. I’m done with this!”

Remember, when you are not listening to your Master mind, you are going to get contrast in your life, and if you are in a position where life is not working for you, that contrast will come through.

If you are not in alignment with who you really are and what you are here to do, that contrast will come through again, and it often manifests as unhappiness, overwhelm, burnout, or disease.

At this point, you will realize, “Okay, I need to change my belief systems,” because you are creating your current reality. Once you have identified that desire to change, hold on to that inner passion.

2. Definition

The second stage is defining the belief that you want to change and understanding why it needs to go. It is likely to be a belief you have purchased for free, or borrowed from family, friends, the media, or society surrounding you.

This belief may have served you up until now as well. Recognize the ways in which it may have been of benefit to you and define why you no longer require that benefit.

3. Dedication

In the third stage, you are building the dedication to purge the belief. There may be a good amount of internal discussion, or even discussion with a mentor or confidante, as you clearly define who you want to be and how the current belief does not fit into that new version of you.

Examine your behaviors, reflect on your beliefs, and see how the belief you would like to excise interacts with the rest of your internal ecosystem. Firm up your dedication to defining and becoming who you want to be, until you can say, without hesitation, “I’m ready to be the next version of me.”

4. Detachment

The fourth and final stage is detachment of the belief. Once you have expressed a desire to change, defined what needs to change, and shown dedication to becoming the new you, it is time to compassionately release the belief that no longer benefits you. Do not beat yourself up over having the belief in the first place. Do not think of the belief you are letting go of as wholly representative of you as a person.

Simply understand that the belief was part of the old you, and because you are always changing, you can let that piece go without shame or regret. Every moment of every day, right down to the cellular level, you are always changing. Detach yourself from the past and move into the new you.

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