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AHC Holiday Greetings 2022

AHC Holiday Greetings 2022

AHC Holiday Greetings 2022

We truly wish you a Blessed Merry Christmas

And a Healthy Happy Prosperous New Year!

Happy New Year 2023

May your mind knows no worry, may your heart be light,

May your pockets, wallets, and purses be always heavy,

May your home be filled with love, laughter, and warmth

May each day bring you hope, joy, happiness, and harmony

May each night be filled with stars, hopes, and sweet dreams

May your soul be at peace with God, the Saints, and the Angels

May your head be filled with brilliance, ideas and creative vision

As you travel on life’s journey, may the road rise up to meet you

May God’s blessings, good health and good fortune hover over you

May the food be bountiful and may the roof above you never falls in

May you have love that never ends and passion that never subsides

May you always remember to forget and may peace be upon you

May God grant you His Grace, and may He bless you, guide you,

Shepherd you, protect you, and keep you in the Palm of His Hand.

AHC TEAM 2022-2023