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2023 Latest Restaurant Menu Trends

2023 Latest Restaurant Menu Trends

1. Doing the dip

Many restaurant owners and operators are exploiting guests’ sentiment with high-touch dishes, which have been a major menu trend for the past year. Dips require hands-on engagement, and guests have been happily dipping their way around the menu.

2. Breaking bread together

Dispensing with silverware and eating with our hands is a primal pleasure, whether the dish in question is pizza, chicken tenders, fish and chips or a plate of wings. It is also what’s driving the reemergence of dips and creating an opportunity for some shareable appetizer iterations along with some updated classics.

3. Getting on board

The grazing phenomenon of the 20th century has morphed into the charcuterie craze in the 21st, as patrons are presented with an attractive multitude of bits and bites that are typically offered on a wooden serving piece.

4. Sizzling in a skillet

One of the oldest prep-and-presentation tricks in the full-service dining playbook, the cast-iron skillet offers 360-degree sensory appeal. It is auditory, sizzling when presented to the table, it emits a cozy warmth and reassuring aroma, and its appearance suggests a down-home old-fashioned image.

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